The Ophtalea clinical gathers specialists from different fields of ophthalmology to offer a comprehensive service, and can receive, therefore, a large number of patients simultaneously. From the reception desk each patient is directed to the area related to consultation and, in some cases, should visit more than one specialist or assistant. For this reason, waiting areas and circulations between them are particularly important. These spaces are articulated radially from reception, looking for the light of each of the façades, and setting including as closed rooms, spaces care and consultation.

To reduce noise and disturbance by the high traffic of patients, the choice of materials has aimed to obtain the best acoustic comfort without sacrificing expressiveness: absorbent panels, carpeting, acoustic ceiling, fabrics. The zigzag distribution geometry and different illumination intensities also help create more pleasant  spaces, opposite consulting rooms, eminently technical and with rectangular geometry.

Technical Data

Typology: renovation of business premises for an ophtalmology practice
Location: Bayonne, Pyrénées Atlantiques
Use: sanitary
Stage: finished
Area: 305 sqm floor space
Chronology: 2015,design / 2016, construction
Collaborators: Integra ingenieros consultores
Building contractor: Instalgara Montylen
Photography: Édouard Decam

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