GÎTE 1710

The aim is to convert these two buildings, a country house from 1710 and the winepress next to it, into a rural tourism accommodation, preserving the character of the traditional construction of Béarn region: stone walls and four-gabled houses with plain ceramic tiles supported on wooden structure. Another feature of this kind of construction is the general absence of openings on the west façade, due to the cold and rainy wind coming from the Atlantic.

This proposal considers emptying both buildings, now with insufficient interior heights, and replacing slabs with wooden structure. The house accommodates the main entrance, the kitchen and three suite rooms (the two on the first floor with a mezzanine); all of these spaces organized around a central core that integrates the stairs and the three bathrooms. New windows of different sizes would be opened on the west façade to illuminate the new rooms and kitchen. Passing through the kitchen, in the ancien winepress building, there is the living and dining room, with a large window with long views of the nearby fields in the south, and an exit on the opposite wall to a deck, where it is planned to build a pool in the future.

Technical Data

Typology: Country house and winepress renovation as rural tourism accommodation
Location: Sallespisse, Pyrénées Atlantiques
Use: residential, tourism accommodation
Stage: under study
Area: 195 sqm built space
Chronology: 2011, preliminary design

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