Estrella clinic occupies a 142 m2 unit in a building entirely dedicated to medical consultations. From the irregular geometry of the façades, a virtual frame has been developed according to two main directions, oblique to each other, and then transferred to pavement laying, which served to define partitions. This apparent geometric randomness was intended to separate the main spaces of the perimeter (main waiting room, three medical consultation and ultrasound room) of interior areas, but also to create a number of smaller spaces with occasional use (exchangers inside the consultation rooms, or waiting benches facing the open corridor).

The scale of these small spaces and the use of materials normally associated with the domestic world, such as wood or tile, aims to provide warmth to consultations and keep them away from the stereotype of cold and aseptic medical image.

Technical Data

Typology: renovation of business premises for a gynaeocology and obstetrics practice
Location: Bayonne, Pyrénées Atlantiques
Use: sanitarey
Stage: finished
Area: 142 sqm floor space
Chronology: 2014-2015,design / 2015, construction
Collaborators: Instalaciones Pozas
Building contractor: Instalgara Montylen
Photography: Saizverdoux / Édouard Decam

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