Clinique Cantegrit is located in a 14-hectare green area, in the surroundings of Bayonne,  with capacity for 39 beds. It consists of three adjacent buildings,  the newest of these being a non-completed extension which dates back to 2004. This extension is supported by means of a reinforced concrete structure of walls and pillars, but keeps a two-level empty space under the constructed volume.

The starting point was to create a new day hospital unit, with its own independent access, to provide care for non-residential patients. The project considers filling up the space located on the first floor of the latest extension, now empty, with a structure of cross-laminated timber pannels (made of pinus radiata local wood), supported on the existent concrete vertical structure. This new volume, with its program in only one level, expands beyond the concrete structure with galleries facing the landscape, the largest one as a reception module, joined to the ground by a ramp. These galleries, the only visible part of the intervention from the outside, would be covered with zinc, an already existing material on the roofs of the whole.

Distribution is solved with light-wooden-frame partitions, some of them mobile,  and wide sliding doors, which permit the use of main spaces (living areas, activities room, workroom or physiotherapy room) in different sizes and combinations.

Technical Data

Typology: day hospital pavillion for an existing clinic
Location: Bayonne, Pyrénées Atlantiques
Use: medical
Stage: under study
Area: 263 sqm built space
Chronology: 2012, feasability study
Building engineer: Jacques Fernandez
Developer: Clinique Cantegrit

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