The project’s aim was increasing surface by adding to the house living spaces the  room just under the roof. In order to convert this space into inhabitable, a new stairwell was made to provide access from the first floor, and two windows were open to allow sun heating on the south face of the roof.

This open space is now furnished with two simple wooden tables which permit its use either as a living-room, or a study or a children’s gaming room, besides having two storage areas in each end of the new room.

To reach the new lounge, a new light steel staircase has been placed, designed to bring light to lower levels.

Technical Data

Typology: adaptation of under roof spaces
Location: Arbúcies, Girona
Use: residential
Stage: finished
Area: 60 sqm floor space
Chronology: 2010, design / 2011, construction
Building contractor: Manzano Arbúcies / Salvador Cuminal

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