Clients wished to turn the upper floors of this building (just above the family business), till that moment disused, into their private home, with a couple of bedrooms, a studio, and a kitchen/dining room supposed to become the heart of the new house. It is a long and narrow plot at the town centre, with a 4-metre-width between party walls, in which the existing building already took up the whole surface.

The project has attempted to take advantage of the great possibilities of the longitudinal section, articulating massifs and voids, staying spaces and circulations and provoking new sightlines, non-existent formerly.

Physically, the renovation has kept the structural wooden frame, in a good condition, expecting the rear slope of the roof, unprotected out in the open, which has been entirely  replaced and modified in its geometry in order to adapt it to the functional program and the new priorities: introducing the maximum light into the inner spaces of the house. The original slab system with wooden beams has been kept, but some new elements have been introduced to be distinguished from those in existence: metallic structure painted in black for the staircase and the footbridge.

By retiring the partitions of the first floor and the new roof section, the house has now a main central element, a continuous space that gathers all daytime functions: living-room, kitchen and dining-room, which, situated at the ancient courtyard, grows vertical in a three-storey height to the skylight.

Technical Data

Typology: terraced house reform and refurbishment
Location: Arbúcies, Girona
Use: residential
Stage: finished
Area: 225 sqm built space
Chronology: 2005-2007, design / 2007-2008, construction
Collaborators: RdL arquitectos
Building engineer: Juan Carlos Villagrasa, Tec-Quattre
Building contractor: Manzano Arbúcies
Photography: Juan Carlos Quindós

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